Top Five Best Bass Lures

Collecting bass lures has become a trend today because sometimes, they are just too good looking just to throw out in the open water as bait. But that is not the case for fishing aficionados, of course. But with numbers of bass lures in the market these days, which one do you think is the best? In the hope of answering that, we have tallied the recommendation of professional fishermen to identify five of the best lures:

  • Rubber Worms – they are undoubtedly number one based primarily on the versatility of these lures. Rubber worms are real looking once submerged in water. To a bass, these lures could be like natural food. They are as well available in different dimensions and sizes, allowing you to choose the best style, color, and size based on the fishing conditions. There are numbers of ways on how you are to rig rubber worms efficiently and your choice could depend on the strike zone’s depth. Some examples could be the Texas Rig, Drop Shot Rig, Wacky Rig and the Carolina Rig. The most common among these samples though is the Texas Rig. This is weedless, therefore an excellent choice to lure bass with dark weed covers because these are the best places for bass to hide.
  • Spinnerbaits – this could be considered as one of the best baits to use specifically once you are looking for a huge part of open water to cover faster. This has unique retrieve action and shape that makes them capable of diving or weaving into thick cover as well as sink underwater. This bass lure has an odd appearance like colored or shiny spinning blades which dangle from its top end of the safety pin design. They are comprised of lead head that has different weights being combined with a sharp hook, spinner blades, and wire framework. The main hook is covered by a rubber skirt, and so, there would be an additional trailer hook to get more bass in short strikes. They are ranging in sizes, between one-fourth and three-fourth ounces. Spinner blades could spin flash wildly and furiously, depending on the speed wherein they are being retrieved. As a result, there will be commotion wherein bass could see and hear. With its colorful skirt, there will be an additional effect and at the same time, would great help regarding keeping weedless hook.
  • Crankbaits – one among the most versatile lures, which are considered to be the same in versatility as the Spinnerbaits. These lures cover large water area within a short period. These lures are known to be super flexible and could be very useful in different environments. They come in various shapes, sizes, running depths and weights. To attain success in fishing, there is a need of correct selection of specifications and also the skill of angler. These lures are hugely useful in numbers of situations as compared to all other lures.
  • Jigs – considered as among the most often fished with the use of pitching and flipping techniques as compared to casting. For those inexperienced anglers, the use of these lures could be a bit challenging. Every angler must pay attention to the different specifications of these lures. If you are capable of matching the exact weight, specifications and size, the condition of fishing will affect these lures’ effectiveness.
  • Top Water Rules – these are the lures that are created to ripple the surface of the water that causes splashing and popping sounds once the angler is to retrieve the lure. These lures are not just considered to be effective but could also be fun to use, which is the reason why it is included in the top five list of the best lures. Other terms associated with top water lures are spitters, pop baits poppers and a lot more.

Now that you are familiar with the top five best bass lures, you will surely enjoy collecting them as well. From among the best bass lures included in the list above, you now have the idea as to which one will surely fit your needs and so, expect better outcome with regards to your fishing.

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