Pointer, Tactics and Tricks in Bass Fishing

Bass fishing is one of the traditional fishing activities right now. Bass, which is a general term referring to particular species of fish, includes Guadalupe bass, Choctaw bass, Smallmouth bass, Striped Bass, white bass and spotted bass. But if you are going to ask a fisherman on what they are hunting for, most probably, they would answer it is the largemouth bass. The largemouth bass is one of the most sought-after fish.

The following are pointers, tactics and even tricks on how you are going to catch bass:

  • Pre-spawn is the best time to fish for bass

If you have been wondering about the holy grail of the bass, it is during the pre-spawn. It begins right in spring when the temperature of the water rises to 65 degrees. This is the right time wherein female and male bass evacuates on the shallow parts to feed themselves and start looking for their nest. For fishermen, this is the nest time to catch a trophy bass. But still, you need to make sure that you are going release the female bass so they can still continue their mission.

  • Know and understand the habits of the bass

Remember that the weather itself tells where the bass is or does it exist in the place or not. Bass commonly looks and hides in their shelter when the sun is out. But when it is a gloomy day where clouds are out, and there’s no sign of sun, bass will come out and enjoy swimming around in the water. That only means that on a sunny day, it is much better if you are going to fish in the areas where there are possibly hiding.

  • Know the best time of the day to fish

According to the experts in fishing for bass, the best time to go for fishing bass is during the early hours of the morning or in the last few hours before evening strikes. If it is cloudy, then most probably they are going to eat in the afternoon.

  • Analyse and study any reference that you can get

With today’s advancement of technology, every water body has its map which can now obtain through the help of the internet. Using the power of map, you can now identify drop-off and depths places. This is also the best way to finding out sunken structures or even crib of fishes which can serve as a shelter of the bass.

  • Examine the bass that you caught for possible tips

Evaluate the bass you’ve to catch and take a look at its mouth. If the bass fight with you, possibilities is, it will throw up something on its stomach. This is one of the methods to see what it feed with so you can try next time to mimic it with you best bass lure.

  • Keep an eye always on the line

It is a good practice to examine every inch of the line right above the lure you are using with. But there is nothing to be compared if you lose a bass because you broke your line. That is frustrating and disappointing.

  • Size of the lure

It is already given that the scale of the bait can never affect the size of the bass that you are going to catch. Don’t forget that most of the time; largemouth bass hits its prey which is almost half of its size. Small bass is no exception if you are using larger lures.

  • Try Live baits

Though some of the anglers don’t want to use live bait, there is instance that it can generate nicer bass when the lures are not working. Shiners are one of the most efficient particularly if you hook them on both sides of the lips.

These are the pointers, tactics and tips you can use when you are fishing for bass. These are already proven to be efficient and what you just need to do right now is to look for the best bass lures. However, you must still know what is the best bass lure that would fit in your situation because at the end of the day; it is what will decide if it a great fishing day or not. There are specific lure designs for every situation, and definitely, there’s something right for you.

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