Excellent Bass lure for a Wonderful Fishing

One great activity to spend your leisure time together with your friends, family or best buddies is to go fishing. The effect of bass fishing can be both rewarding and fulfilling. To get everything in on, you will-will need essential item such as lure. Fishing lures are very important since it is used as an ‘artificial bait’ for fishing. Lures often use flash, movement, color, and vibration in baiting fishes. Many fishing lures today are equipped with more than one hook for a better baiting purposes.

There are particular types of bass lure used in attracting and catching fishes. In most cases they are manufactured and designed to resemble a prey for fishes. Moreover, there are some bass lures which are specially engineered to be more appealing to the fishes’ aggression, sense of curiosity and territory. There are also some modern lures which are perfect for numerous types of bass species. If you do not know which type of bait is the best for your fishing the job, the following list will help:

From the name itself, this type is made of soft plastic and rubber which are designed to resemble or look like a worm, lizard, squid, fish, crab, leech, frog and another life-like organism. Nothing is better than a rubberized fish bait because it seems like a natural food for bass once bitten off or engulfed. This type of fish bait is also available in wide variety of sizes, colors, and styles which make them very useful for particular bass species.Rubber or soft plastic fish baits


  • Jigs typically come with a weighted hook which has a lead head on the opposite tip. Commonly, this type of bass lure has a different variety of baits (such as minnow, crawfish, plastic worms, etc.) which is used in attracting fishes. It is also used for pitching and flipping fishing techniques. Jigs can also be used for water depths up to 300 meters. Some jigs are also designed for lighter water depths which are typically combined with spinning tackle and lighter line (18-14 ounce). Sometimes, jigs come with a little metal ball on its top attached to its hook are commonly used to have an impression of the body for baitfish.


  • Crank baits are very soft lures which are also available in a variety of designs, styles and colors. This type of fishing lure is very useful in different types of environment like shallow flats, steep and rocky banks, grassy areas and bushes. Crankbaits are also available in various sizes, weights and shapes perfect for any water depths.


  • Spinnerbaits are typically made of wire bent at sixty (60) degrees angle, having a hook on the bottom part with a spinner (sometimes a flashy one is better) at its top. Spinnerbaits are perfect for deep water sinking. They have spinning blades which hang from the top end of the pin design. A rubber skirt is the one which covers its main hook, or a trailer hook is sometimes added to it.

To have a great fishing day, you must choose the appropriate fishing lure suited for your fishing activity. So get the most out of your fishing day, and decide what type of fishing lure is best for your fishing needs!

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