Best Bass Lures: The Key to a Good Catch

Before knowing about bass lures and the techniques of using them, let us enrich our minds about bass. The said fish has several types of species such as white bass, Choctaw bass, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, Guadalupe bass, striped bass, and spotted bass. Among these species, the largemouth bass is one of the most desired fishes to be caught by anglers. It is also included in the popular fish games in the North America.

Bass fishing may not be easy, especially for beginners. Choosing the best lures will definitely ensure a person to catch a big bass. These bass species are distinct in appearance because of its olive green color, with dark horizontal strips. Their lifespan is also exceptional. Largemouth bass can survive for a maximum of 16 years. There is a record of 29.5 inches and 22 pounds of this bass which proves their ability to live longer. The Largemouth bass’ diet may consist small fishes, shrimp, bait fish, insects, snakes, craw fish, scuds, and frogs. They could eat a prey which weighs 25 % of their body size or even half of bass’ body length.

Bass lures are specially designed for different water temperatures and seasons—clear water, murky water, cold water, and warm water. However, these changing water conditions will not be a problem if people has a wide understanding about the bass. Having good skills will also help a lot.

If one wishes to try bass fishing, he must be familiar with the different tips and techniques in order to have a good start on the said activity. The helpful tactics on catching the largemouth bass include:

  • Bass’ HabitsOn the other hand, a cloudy weather suggests that bass go out of their shelter.
  • The recent weather can be a basis for the presence of the bass. When the sun is perfectly shining, it can indicate that the bass are looking for a particular dwelling place. You must have a good guess about the place where the bass may stay. You must prepare the bait and start your search for the bass.
  • The Pre-spawn season is perfect!
  • This begins during spring wherein the temperature of water reach 55-65 degrees. It is the time when female and male bass go to the shallow part to do an aggressive feeding. They move to the said area to find the best nesting place. Fortunately, fishermen can find the bass’ location directly from the shore. It is also the perfect time to get the trophy bass. However, one must remember to still release the female bass to continue the life cycle and to complete the spawn.
  • When is the right time?
  • The answer will be: either the early hours of the morning or the remaining last hours in the evening. One hour before the sunrise or one hour before the sunset is also recommendable. In the afternoon, the bass are looking for food to eat.
  • What’s in the map?
  • A map for a certain body of water must be seen by the aspiring catcher. It can be available online from local or state resources. With the help of the map, one can determine various drop-offs and water depths. If there are sunken structures and fish cribs, bass can be found by the person. The map will tell you about essential points and potential areas for finding bass.
  • See what’s inside the bass
  • One might not be satisfied on having a good catch for a day. There will always be multiple attempts to find the bass, especially the large-sized ones. After catching bass, try to look at the content of their stomach. You can see fishes and insects that can be used as an idea to imitate them as fishing lures. On the next fishing activity, the person will find it easy to attract the largemouth bass he wants to catch.
  • Can you still see the line?
  • One must monitor if the lure’s line is still in good condition. A broken line will lose your chance of catching the bass.
  • Equip yourself with the best bass lure!
  • The success of bass fishing is greatly possible when you have the best bass lure. An imitated fishes, frogs, and other insects are very ideal to use as rubber fishing lures. However, one can still choose from a variety of lures available on the market such as spinner baits, crank baits, jigs, and others. With the help of lures, you can now enjoy bass fishing.

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